Start the outdoor experience from your kitchen

The sun is shining. Got some spare time for the allotment or back garden? Eager to get out amongst some greenery and feel good? Why not start that feeling while you’re having breakfast, right in the kitchen?

You can create a vertical garden in the kitchen with plants on floating shelves. Instal a small tree to make an accent. Live plants in the kitchen are great, but have some associated pitfalls. Trees and plants need regular care and maintenance to keep them healthy. They require regular trimming and pruning to keep them in shape and limited within the space. They are also prone to mould growth, which requires periodic application of pesticide. Not good in a kitchen.

But artificial trees and plants, such as those at Museum Trees, have no such hassles. They are professionally made using high-quality foliage and strong, colourfast pigment to make them absolutely lifelike. Thus, the faux greens deliver the same aesthetic beauty as their live cousins. Available in a wide variety of size and types they can fit all interior decor requirements and allow customisation to fit into any space constraints. The great thing about faux greens is they do not require any sunlight and can be placed anywhere. You can enjoy an improved ambiance throughout the year.

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