Cemetery Road Allotments, Birkby, Huddersfield

It's quite shocking to find allotment holders still having to battle to save their precious patches. But it's happening again in Huddersfield. A new school is planned for September 2018. To satisfy Sport England's requirements for a public football pitch, Kirklees Council are moving allotment holders to other sites. All because Greenhead College won't allow public use of their football pitches.

The Council are offering to pay for moving greenhouses and sheds. But the loss is more fundamental. It's the break-up of a community and loss of decades of blood, sweat and tears making each allotment something unique. All for a football pitch, when there are several already available nearby. Many of the more mature allotment holders won't have the will to start again.

If you care about allotments and want to do your bit for our friends at Cemetery Road Allotments, please sign their petition. And of you want to keep up to date with progress, like the Cemetery Road Allotments Facebook page.


  1. I've signed your petition even though I don't live in the area. The same thing happened in my town & several older allotment holders who had been at the site for donkey's years didn't have the heart to start all over again and so just gave up, thus losing a very important aspect of their lives. Very sad indeed. I hope you are successful in overturning this decision.

  2. we are losing allotments at an alarming rate, if these plotholders are moved it will take years to get the new plot anything like, and they will lose their statutory rights and could be moved from the new plot in a few years time. it is time the authorities realised the value of allotments to peoples well being and value to the community.


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