Raspberry vodka easy recipe

Don't know what to do with all those raspberries? How about this delicious recipe for raspberry vodka, courtesy of Leigh Chaplin. There are hardly any set up costs and the preparation time is at a minimum. And it's perfectly timed to be ready for drinking at Christmas. Just follow the simple instructions below. 

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Equipment needed
Two old vodka or similar spirits 70cl bottles with tops

Ingredients needed
250g raspberries
250g sugar
70cl bottle of vodka

1. Halve all the ingredients.
2. Use the funnel to carefully add the half ingredients amounts to each of the two empty spirits bottles.
3. Dry the rims of the bottles and seal shut.
4. Give each bottle a good shake for a few minutes.
5. Thereafter, shake the bottles once a day until all the sugar is dissolved.
6. Store in a dark cupboard.
7. After three months strain out the vodka using the muslin bag to catch all the fruit. The raspberry vodka is now ready to drink.
8. Use the fruit for a luxurious ice cream topping or to make jam.


  1. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Could this also be done with rum ? also just started a 5 gal. batch of apple wine useing your recipe. Gonna be tough waiting 2 years though.

    1. Tough doesn't describe it! But if you make some more next year and the year after etc etc, you know from two years onwards you'll have a constant supply of delicious amber wine. And suddenly you circle of friends will multiply by ten ~:0)

      I'm not sure about using rum. Vodka and gin each have a fairly neutral taste, whereas the rum might be too strong to allow the fruit taste to come through fully. Well worth a go though. Please let me know what the result is.

      Thanks, John

  2. how long can you leave raspberries in vodka


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