Allotment Heaven easy recipes

Now got such a collection of easy recipes, thought it might be a good idea to gather links to them all in one page. So here they all are...

Alcoholic easy recipes

Apple wine
Blackberry vodka
Dandelion wine
Plum wine
Raspberry vodka
Sloe gin or vodka

Jam easy recipes
Blackberry jam
Plum jam
Rhubarb jam


  1. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Found your recipe for Rhubarb jam excellent. Do you have any for Apricot or Greengage jam?

    1. Many thanks for the positive feedback. Haven't got an apricot or greengage jam recipe, but certainly for the greengage you could follow the plum jam recipe as a guide.

      Regards, John

  2. Glenis Ragout6:09 pm

    Hi John,
    My husband (Glen) was given an allotment last year on which we planted cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, squash, aubergine, sweet peppers and cabbage. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to this year.
    As we are from the Caribbean, we have decided to plant Ochro and Bodi (similar to broad bean). It would be interesting to see how they will grow.
    Will keep you posted.
    Take care

    1. Hi Glenis... The okra and body sound interesting. Would appreciate an update on how they turn out. Thanks, John


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