Why I won’t be buying an Apple iPad 2… yet


Having started the week on a high, it’s been a bit up and down since. The Satchel of Sorrow saga ended happily when I picked up the replacement yesterday… much better quality, much happier.

Now, having got myself all excited about the release of the Apple iPad 2, I’ve realised it’s not for me quite yet. Why? Well, a major part of my keyboard time is spent blogging… and surprisingly there’s no decent app to support that. That’s really disappointing given the iPad 1 has been out for best part of a year and a good proportion of those who buy it will have a blog.

What is available has limitations… poor placement of images, not allowing insertion of hyperlinks… all basic stuff. And although you can compile posts directly in Blogger the Compose tab is off limits. I can construct and edit in HTML but want to spend most of my time making the post interesting and attractive to look at, not tripling the typing time!

The other limitation is storage. Apple have failed to provide an SD card slot in the latest iPad, something that’s standard in every other device. To buy the iPad with an increased capacity of 16gb Apple are now charging £70 on the reduced price iPad 1. You can buy a speedy 16gb SDHC card for less than £20. Will the iPad work with Windows Live Skydrive, where you can have 25gb of free on-line storage? Who knows.

Final crunch point is a rumour that an iPad 3 isn’t that far away, possibly September, Apple iPad smart coverto include all the features Apple weren’t able to squeeze into version 2 in time for launch. So the iPad is not for me at the moment.

Which is a pity since I just love Apple’s designs and am eager to convert. Here’s a good example of their brilliance on something as simple as a cover for the iPad. Doesn’t just protect… it also cleans the screen, automatically and instantly switches the device on and off as you open the cover… oh, and it acts as a stand as well! I’d recommend you to watch the 30sec video clip part way down the Smart Cover page.

The risk is I never get an iPad. There’s hordes of competitors bringing their tablet PC wares to the market shortly, so looks like the decision won’t be put to bed yet… oh dear, more trawling of Internet rumours and gossip for a while I fear!

Update: I did buy an iPad 2, so you might be interested to read of my first iPad experiences, or how I feel about my iPad one year on.

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