Excitement this week!

snake gourds It’s so flippin muddy up the allotment at the moment that there’s little to write about veg-wise.


Will the sun EVER SHINE AGAIN?

Will this Chiller font show on your browser?

Who knows! Never mind… there’s some nice things happening this week.

First, finally got round to ordering gourd seeds. How fantastic do these decorated snake gourds look? And what about the images at the foot of this post showing interesting uses for gourds? Can think of lots of useful and possibly profitable things I can do with them quite apart from just brightening up the plot.

Second, my new brown leather satchel's arrived! Not got my hands on it yet since I was stupid enough to be out on Saturday morning when the postman delivered. Didn’t expect it to turn up quite so quickly… ordered it Friday 09:30 standard 1st class post. There it was Saturday morning with no one to welcome it! So got to collect it this morning from the Post Office.

Got a couple of canvas/jute bags I use to cart stuff around in, but really fancied a serious old fashioned brown leather satchel. Was fortunate enough to hit on Scaramanga, who appear to make proper leather bags at great prices with brill reviews, as well as great delivery. And they come from a part of the country I know and love… Gateside, near Auchtermuchty (try saying that after a few drinks!) in Fife. I chose the medium retro leather satchel for £53. Pictures to follow on next post.

And finally it’s rumoured the new Apple iPad 2 is being launched on this week. Since my small win on the Premium Bonds I’ve been holding back from buying a tablet PC until there was more news about plans for the current iPad. Apparently all will be revealed on Wednesday! There’s lots of competing tablet PCs being launched about the same time to rival Apple… but I just get the feeling that once you buy an Apple PC you’re hooked, and the range of apps is unrivalled. So don’t think there’ll be much hesitation.

Been thinking of doing a post on my favourite things, to which the satchel and iPad might be added if they come up to scratch. Things that could down at present? Certainly my Pure Evoke 3 radio. If you like radio and find yourself regretting missing programmes you’ve just got to get one. Oh, and Windows Live Writer would have to go on the list as well… try writing your blog posts using Live Writer and you’ll see why I love it. I’ll wait to see how things go this week to consider if such a post would be worthwhile.

You may note this post has a slightly larger font size. It seems the human eye has a natural arc of only a few inches, equating to about twelve words per line. Any more than that and we tend to start using muscles to rotate eyeballs and neck to track from one end of a line to the other, with a risk of losing the plot. Realised my text was at least half as dense again as this, so thought I’d be a bit easier on my dear readers. Is this font size any better? Comments appreciated either way.


carved-gourd-bowl3_9 chickens
Gourd Wren house Gourd bowl
diy-birdhouse-gourd Gecko-Gourd-Bowl

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