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Like a couple of friends who no longer have time for each other, my eyebrows seem to have agreed on an amicable separation to each do their own thing. One has a stony stare Clint Eastwood would be proud of, the other is still on the normal side. Guess it’s all part of the maturing process which means I increasingly see my dad staring out at me from the mirror. Now that’s no bad thing, since my dad has many fine features (and he reads this blog!) but isn’t there a selection menu so I could pick the best bits (of which there are many) rather than leaving it to the genes to decide? Could be worse… she’s a good looking woman but I’m not sure I could cope with seeing my mother staring out at me!

Used a facial ploy during the weekly pool and darts competition with my sons at the British Legion Club in St Ives. As John was taking a crucial shot on the pool table I asked if he’d been shaving his eyebrows. They’re no different from usual but it was enough to put him off. Tried all the other ploys at my disposal… whistling, trouser trumpeting and just generally being dad. Didn’t make any difference on the night since David won, but only by virtue of me throwing away several games on the black. So I’m currently the holder of only the tennis cup, and no doubt Barry will wrest that from my grasp tonight!

Was their first trip in the new Fiat Panther. Cue much fiddling of dials by John in the front, both complaining either too hot (David) or too cold (John). John christened the dashboard the following day on the way back from pitch and putt with a massive sneeze that had me rushing out with polish and cloth when we arrived home. He’s got yet another cold.

You may notice a slightly different appearance to this post. Been mooching around wondering what to get for my birthday… have finally decided on the latest Samsung HMX-U10 compact camcorder. But the torturous path to a decision not only took in various camcorder alternatives, but also the Sony eBook Reader, Pure Radio and various software packages to make my disorganised digital life easier. Am trying out the excellent Microsoft OneNote on trial for sixty days, but happened upon Windows Live Writer, which appears to make drafting and publishing your blog much more easy and stylish. This is the first one using the free program so judge for yourself!

On the allotment I continue struggling to identify the errant chicken who is light in the egg laying department. Still not eggseeding (sorry, couldn’t resist) three eggs per day out of four chickens. My friends to the rescue at the Garden Web forum, who’s wackier suggestions to identify the culprit were as follows:

From marlingardener, Texas

  • Attach hairnets to chickens' rears and wait to see what is caught in the net

From heather38’s husband, East Coast USA

  • Kill one, if you only get 2 eggs, kill another, and so on, of course the down side is you could end up with one not laying hen
  • Weigh the hens the night before and after you find the eggs
  • Separate them and use different radioactive isotopes in their feed, and check the resulting egg
  • Use a pipette and drip different coloured food dye on their neither regions, to streak the eggs
  • You invite them to a meeting, inform them that you are in the process of restructuring and productivity will be taken into consideration taken when downsizing. Each Chicken should be assigned a workstation, and appraised periodically, it may help to ask them to vary the size or colour of their eggs for easy identification. After the consultation period is over the chicken in question, (if they haven't bucked their ideas up) should be given retraining for a more suitable role. A couple of suggestions for retraining are a self basting course or wine tasting for marinating.

Not much digging progress either. Hope to right that this afternoon.

On Monday went round the Michaelmas Fair that fills the centre of St Ives for three days. Lots of rides for the grandchildren, lots of candyfloss eaten. Took some video footage but poor quality… soon by sorted with the birthday present!

Not a sausage from the publishers I sent my childrens’ book to. Give it another couple of weeks then I’ll do another two versions to My Grampy Has A Spider Up His Nose and send it as a series. Might be more attractive that way.

Thanks for reading my blog. John

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  1. The real John McKinnie9:13 am

    It's the same bloody cold, not another one!


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