John's bungee jump... the sequel

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Well, he did it! And if you watch this video clip you'll understand why I can be so definitely, absolutely, confidently sure I couldn't have done it. What a hero!
When he returned home late afternoon the following day I'd put a poster on the door headlined 'Our hero. Welcome home'. Think he liked that. See below for more pics.
Mind you, five minutes after arriving he was interrupting the final few minutes of the television programme we'd been watching for over an hour to check his Euro Millions lottery numbers. Bless!
Pulled up my final onions yesterday and dug over half the bed. Not made much progress in my mission to take up the raised beds and divide the plot into four large beds for crop rotation. Decided I'd better tidy up what was inside the raised beds first before I pull out the wood and dug the existing paths up... better ensure the good areas I've got are weed free before I dig up fresh areas.
Bit of a hectic three weeks ahead. In addition to the usual son-related competitions this week we're off to Wembley on Wednesday to watch the England v Croatia world cup qualifying match, preceeded by an afternoon trip around some of the good ancient hostelries of London town. Next week Linda and I are off for a few days in Hunstanton walking around the beautiful beaches. And the week after that I'm in for an morning operation to the local hospital for them to check up on my blinking bladder and make sure all is still OK. So posts will be a bit intermittent for a short while.

Here's John in the first moments of flight looking remarkably calm. (click to enlarge)
Paige's drawing of me and Linda... with full (a bit too full in Linda's case) anatomical detail included. Top left are a bird and a butterfly.
Paige's envelope


  1. I think people who have done the bungee jump are really brave. I wouldn't have the guts to do this. The drawing are pretty nice too.

  2. I wouldn't dare do a bungee jump. congratulations to John.


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