John's bungee jump... the prequel

You'll have noticed son John has been figuring more prominently in this blog of late since he moved (or should I say squeezed) back home for a couple of months. No doubt things will settle down when he does, but today he figures prominently because he's doing a bungee jump from no less than 300 feet!
As he set off early afternoon I gave him a hug and stood at the corner of the garage with a sad expression on my face waving him goodbye... all to boost his confidence you'll understand.
He set his sat nav to his girlfriends house, from where he would travel in her car. He's only been there five times before but apparently they keep moving the roundabouts. Bit of a delay on the road there. Called him just before he was about to go up and he sounded remarkably calm. I'd have been screaming for mercy at the point.
Had texted him requesting he send a photo as soon as he'd done it, to which the reply was that his camera wasn't working. Hmmm... was this all a myth like that of the Apollo moon landings? Read the sequel in the next post to find out, hopefully with some clips as proof.
Feeling quite smug after my allotment trip today. Managed to finish weeding the two leek beds so they look really smart (see picture below). They're my favourite vegetable and although I have mixed success with just about everything else, with leeks I manage to grow a whole winter's supply for the extended family. I'm aiming to try making cheesy leek and potato pie, leek, potato and bacon bake and potato and leek gratin... all recipes that include my wife Linda's favourite vegetable, potato.
The rhubarb jam went reasonably well, but should be a bit more runny. After the final ten minute boil the jam still ran down the plate a bit so I continued boiling for another couple of minutes. Next time I'll stop at the allotted time come what may.

How tidy are they! (Click to enlarge)
It's amazing how quickly the nights are now drawing in... even needed to break out the winter head gear before one late cycle back from Allotment Heaven.

The feathered fiends settling down for the night. I'm still only getting three eggs a day from them and haven't figured out who's lacking in the reproduction department. Even had a couple of days with no eggs, the suspicion resting on some magpies I espied lurking about the chicken coop, though I think they're only after some of the food.

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