New horizons

May seem somewhat strange to use this straight border line as an example of things to come... there's hardly a straight line on the whole plot, including shed and greenhouse. But this example of the art of exactness, constructed over three visits to the plot, is a statement of intent for the future.

After eight years of struggling in various phases, at last I think  there's a chance Allotment Heaven might become something special. Always intended, never quite made it. Initially the old problem of trying to maintain one allotment whilst holding down a full time job. Then I took on the adjoining plot as well. There were times when all I could do was control the weeds.

What's changed? Well, I'm now down to a single plot again... the original one. Also fully retired. Given up the chickens, so no more spending the first half hour of each visit tending to their needs. My wife also puts in her share of graft, so there's two of us working on it. Everything redesigned for practicality.

It's taking time. Apart from moving compost bins, polytunnel and greenhouse from the other plot there's lots of paving slabs to lay and border paths to widen so I can more easily use the mower.

And with all that to do, why am I wasting time creating a perfect edge to the main path? As I said, it's a statement of intent. Everything is forward moving from now on. Once a border is perfectly edged, it'll be kept that way before anything new is done.

Lots of fruit trees to relocate. Flower beds to create. Can we win gold at next year's allotment competition? Watch this space for more progress updates. Some images of current status below.

Greenhouse & small polytunnel moved

Back fence reinstated

Front of plot is ablaze with flowers

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