Frosty welcome

Maybe the digging is off for now

Its not exactly been the most welcoming time to visit the plot over the last few weeks. This image looks bad enough, but this was before a couple of inches more snow fell and decided to hang around for a week.

The chickens have been pretty miserable about  the whole issue. On my last visit I thought Samson the cockerel had ended up as dinner for a hungry fox. But no, he was sat in the chicken hut waiting out the weather, and only popped out for a few mouthfuls of corn before  returning inside. Very unusual for him.

At least the frost has meant a few images worth snapping. And although there's been little to do around the plot, at least it's given me time to...

... set up another blog (another?). Those about St Ives are looking a bit dated, so I've set up St Ives, Cambridgeshire for information about our beautiful town.

... give the walks website a major facelift and start to add more walks and info. You can view it at Cambridgeshire Walks.

Cobwebs on the chicken hut

Still not picked any for dinner

Who needs petals for beauty?

More frosty flowers

Hoping for frogspawn in 2013

At least the rhubarb knows Spring is on its way

And just one snap showing beautiful St Ives

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