Allotment update Feb-2012

Here's a pictorial round up of the allotment plot at the end of February 2012.

Moved the manure store to the corner of the back plot, less likely to engulf a passing neighbour. Still got to reposition the weed pile and thin the onion seedlings.

No sign of the vines sprouting yet.

Will any of the hundreds of froglets that headed in all directions last Summer find their way back past the beady eyes of the chickens to a safe return home and a frog spawn making session? No sign of any yet.

The strawberry plants in the fruit cage could do with a bit of a weed.

Turned the compost bin over and just about to start a new batch. Will have to get that treehouse finished for the grandchildren.

More peas and some lettuce added in the greenhouse.

Also planted some lettuce seeds in the polytunnel. Started watering the seedlings that have been going nowhere for weeks... hmmm, that might help.

Added leek seedlings to the flower cuttings and seedlings in the shed. Temperature got as high as 80F last week!

Front plot all now dug and ready to go, this side got leeks bedded in awaiting us, peas and sweet peas.

Finally, this side of the front plot just dug by Linda. Just left spinach and swiss chard growing.

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