Roger and Val Have Just Got In

Immensely happy to see the BBC comedy series Roger and Val Have Just Got In is having a rerun on BBC2. Depicting the first half hour after they both get home from work, if you want a gentle comedy of a middle aged couple's struggle with life and their own loving relationship you couldn't do better. Dawn French and Alfred Molina are in their element. It's in the same mold as that other classic BBC comedy last run in 2009, Early Doors, both relying on microscopic behavioural comedy. Don't miss it... next episode BBC HD Thursday 12-Jan at 22:00.

First time round I loved it but couldn't quite understand why no one else in our family did. This time wife Linda is warming to it...because we're recognising all too closely ourselves in what's going on. Here are the themes for the next couple of episodes. To read full details of all six episodes click here.

EPISODE 2: Val comes home to find Roger in an agitated state. She's left that evening's meal, a pack of fish fingers and some frozen peas, in his plant fridge in the conservatory. Thus begins a chain of rows, each one seemingly all about fish fingers. Despite various attempts by both parties to smooth things over there's a certain amount of tension in the air. It transpires that Roger is in a foul mood not because of the fish fingers, but because there are two new water voles at work who don't get on, and staff have named them after Roger and his boss Phil.

EPISODE 3: Val arrives home with the freshly laundered dining room curtains and hears that Roger has had yet another clash with Phil, his non-plant-loving boss. The dining room has just been decorated and Roger and Val must summon up the energy to put the curtains back up - will they manage to do so?

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