Vegetables to plant in November

Nights are drawing in, temperatures falling... it's easy to think there's nothing to raise at this time of year. Think again! Here's a list of vegetables well worth planting in November.


Although you can plant some types of garlic as late as early Spring, now is the best time. A good dose of frost encourages the bulbs to split into cloves. I always love planting garlic cloves in Autumn... helps me dream of long hot July days when the crop will be harvested.

To read up fully about how to plant garlic, the history, health benefits and common problems as well as some delicious recipes go to Allotment Heaven: Garlic (allium sativum).

Onions & shallots

Last chance to get onion or shallot sets in before Winter falls. My favourites are Japanese Sensyhu onions... hardy and easy to raise. You'll find planting instructions for onions as well as a full background and recipes at Allotment Heaven: Onions (allium cepa).

Broad Beans

You can sow broad beans from February to May, so why bother in November? Well, it's all about extending the cropping season. If you rely just on Spring sowings you'll be typically harvesting in July and August. With an Autumn sowing you'll also be cropping in June.


Same principle as for Broad Beans... extend the growing season by planting now.


  1. I tried sprouting Broad Beans in the winter for the greens and had too many germinate. So In the dead of winter on a sunny day, I jammed them into the first inch of soft earth in my raised beds with the cold frame cover. They had the best head start as even our winter didn't kill the new shoots and we had broad beans earlier than ever. (I will admit they looked a bit weird in a high raised bed come spring) "Just a try' to see what would happen and it was great! Beat the black aphids as well until just nearing the end. They really can take the cold.

    1. Sounds good Bren... might just try that!


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