Under pressure

newsletter 01[6] Slight shortage of new posts at the moment ‘cause I’ve got my head down beavering away in preparation for The St Ives Flower & Produce Show, held this coming Saturday. So into the last week and it’s all getting a bit fraught as entry forms come rushing through the letterbox and I bang the 300+ entries into the Show database.

The judges’ scores are entered into the database on the morning of the Show and it’s from the database that the Class and Show winners are decided. Oh, and got to print from the database 300+ Show cards to go by the exhibits.

My worst nightmare is that I find a major fault on the morning of the Show and have to do some panicky fixing on the hoof… or even worse if the whole thing falls in a heap and we have to go manual. Worked OK last year but you never know!

So the major task after tomorrow, once the deadline for entries has passed, is to make sure the whole thing works by extensive testing.

But still got lots more entry forms to input. So what am I doing here blogging away? Honestly don’t know… goodbye for now!

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