My Christmas presents

Here’s a picture of the great Christmas presents I got (click to enlarge)… see under for more details

Kelly Kettle to make a fresh cup of tea on the plot in all weathers

A day at the allotment tool & tuck box 

Ghirba collapsible 15 litre water carrier 

PGA tour golf practice matwatch out John and David for pitch & putt 2011!

Waterstones Bookshop gift vouchers

DVD of Inglorious Basterds which we watched after our Christmas lunch

Two bottles of whisky and two of wine (hic!)

Hot chilli garlic dressing and sweet & spicy tomato chutney (yummy!)

Over the hill giant ears hearing aid… my annual caring present from daughter Beth… accompanied by a ‘You can only hold your stomach in for so long’ key ring and accompanying chocolates. Bless!

Garden planner book to record all my disasters in the coming year

Pair of bicycle clips to replace the rubber band I’ve been using

Various chocolates and some aftershave

And here are the presents I gave…

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.


  1. Hi John
    you had some great pressies, Santa was very kind to you. I too received a garden journal so can like yourself record all my positives and disasters! My daughters also gave ma a state of the art purple Haws watering can :) The new blog format looks great

    hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy New Year

    Jane (Derbyshire)

  2. Love the tuckbox!!! :D Hope you had a smashing christmas, you sure must be looking forward to the New Year now! :)


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