Hold that post!

7 Sorry it’s sooooo short this week. This secretarying thing doesn’t half take up time, particularly when you’re doing the membership and meeting jobs together.

So I’ve been beavering away getting ready for our allotment association’s AGM, then doing the minutes afterwards, trying to get the new membership cards ready (although fortunately another committee member is doing sterling work on the design thank goodness), adding some new members to the database and saying hello by email… and starting to get the autumn newsletter ready!

On the newsletter front it’s the usual story… despite several emails to members saying the deadline is the end of this month, I’m going to be left with a few articles from the stalwarts on the committee. Well, I hope so… I’ve got one article a present! Again it’ll be my happy lot to construct over half the contents. Hey ho. If you want to see the newsletter under construction click here.

The committee is generally a happy bunch. As always, the work is done by particular willing individuals and in general we work well together. But yesterday in a passing conversation one of our committee members suggested I’m not giving enough time to the job (at present about two hours a day!), and all of us actively working have got our priorities wrong. Or more correctly, we’re not concentrating enough time to that member’s pet project.

That’s the second time I’ve had that type of conversation with the committee member… next time there’s going to be fireworks!

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