Kinder Scout walk

Completed the annual walk with old workmate Terry, something we’ve done for seven years now ever since Terry retired. This year it was Kinder Scout in the Peak District, just north of Buxton. Click the arrow in the video to see images from the walk.

Met up just before noon and completed the eight miles by late afternoon to relax with a pint. Kept pretty much to the route according to Terry’s satellite navigation kit… well, a slight detour towards the end. That was nothing compared to the following day’s walk around Chatsworth Park, when we got confused having just left the car park and continued in that vein throughout. Well, wouldn’t be the same without getting lost once or twice.

Buxton was pleasant, the evening meal and drinks highly enjoyable as ever. And the bed and breakfast at 9 Green Lane was superb… quality accommodation and a great breakfast.

Back to the St Ives Carnival on Saturday. Barry and Izzy were appearing on the Burleigh Hill Playgroup float, Barry as a knight and Izzy as the princess… though that got a bit fluid for a while when Izzy decided she wanted to be the knight. Not sure where that would have left Baz! Videos of them below as well as the hilarious firemen, who do something unusual every year.

Here’s a competition for you… spot the differences in this photo of Becky and Beth at the St Ives Carnival. Note, the dresses are not one of the differences!

On the allotment the garlic is ready for taking up, the onions are getting close, but the cabbage is a dead loss from whitefly and I pulled half of it out yesterday to burn long with all the weeds Linda has been gathering in her great tidy up.

Raspberries are maturing now. Problem is they do so in ones and twos which I can't resist eating straight off the plant. No chance of accumulating enough for jam making at the moment.

On the sports front things are not good. Convinced son David is letting me get to 2-0 at squash before he gets motivated to do some running around, much as I used to do with him when he was a kid. On Sunday it followed the same pattern, with him coming back to win 10-9 in the fifth game. He’s now two quarters up this year.

Pool and darts is not dissimilar… I didn’t have a single night’s win in June. Maybe I’d stand a better chance if I stayed off the homemade wine before we set off.

And the pitch and putt, of which I had great hopes, has disappointed. Me carping, as David and I played the first hole, that he’d never beat me with my new putter didn’t help. He won that hole with the words ‘that’s me in front for the rest of the round’… and held true to his word, beating me by nine shots. My putting was back to it’s abysmal best, with the ball heading off at right angles to the path I was aiming for.

I accept my sons are approaching their sporting peak while I’m heading sharply downhill in the opposite direction… but I still cling to the hope that it’s a mental thing, and if I can turn up thinking I’m going to win and employ a few subtle diversionary tactics to put them off games may go my way. Now where’s that whoopee cushion?


The next video clip is X rated, no responsibility is accepted for any traumatic impact after watching… David’s dog Jazz eats his talking Dora Explorer doll


  1. Hi John, glad to hear you enjoyed your trek up Kinder Scout, lovely photos. I have walked the Chatsworth estate hundreds of times and still find parts I never knew existed! I am travelling 'down South' today for a weeks walking with my sis on the IOW, can't wait

  2. oooo our kitten is named after Kinder Scout :)


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