I hate cats!

Cat hater

Came back from a few days of glorious weather at Hunstanton… funny, baby robins aren’t in the nest. Thought they were still too young to fledge. But a bit of investigation told a tale of woe… appears a cat must have come along the top of the fence, pushed its way behind the protective berberis bush and from the vantage point of bird box roof has managed to scoop the babies out. Confirmed when I then saw one of the baby robins in the border. What a shame!

I’ve tied the berberis against the fence now so nothing can get behind it, and taken out the nesting material in the hope another pair of robins might start another brood… it has been known for them to have up to four in one season.

Cats avoid our garden like the plague. Much rushing out like a screaming banshee by yours truly ensures they give it a wide berth, and some of the troublesome ones have passed away to the great cat basket in the sky. But since getting back from holiday I’ve noticed a new cat in the close who I suspect is the culprit and will be getting the treatment until it stays well away.

Anyway, the holiday in Hunstanton was fantastic. Lots of walking, sunshine and long evenings.

The Hill Rise Allotment Association wildlife event went really well. Lots of visitors. The bird boxes were popular and there were so many cakes made only about 50% were eaten. Made £55 and three new members.

Still not made much progress on the fruit cage/polytunnel… to much planting to do. Really need to get moving since I want to plant the tomatoes, butternut squash and pumpkins under cover.

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