New cockerel

Here’s Samson the new cockerel, mad as a hatter and still trying to assert himself with my four hens known as the feathered fiends. Offered him for free from a fellow allotment holder with one too many. Wife Linda not keen, but on returning to my plot on Sunday there he was in the chicken run, so I must have sounded more positive about having him than I thought.

Didn’t have the heart to return him to an uncertain future. Think he’s not had much chance to get out so he’s blossoming as he gets used to his new surroundings. The girls gave him a hard time the first day or so but now seem to grudgingly accept his presence. Makes me laugh as he goes around chuntering away to himself as though he’s having a good moan. See the video clip of him crowing below.

Another big event this week was the installation of all the new television kit… a Panasonic 42” plasma TV and DVD hard disk recorder as well as Freesat satellite dish. Much planning to ensure all installed and completed while Linda was at playschool Tuesday morning, only to be told on Sunday by daughter Becky there was no playschool since it was school Easter holidays! Had to break the news Monday evening and Linda wandered off down town for the morning while the workmen attended. Comet in Huntingdon did a great job, both in the deal they gave me and the installation… well done to Will Peck, the manager.

The TV is fantastic, the DVD recorder really good at recording programmes to hard disk for watching when we want… only problem is I’m struggling to load video footage from my Samsung U10 camcorder to the hard disk of the DVD recorder via the SD card slot so I can archive to disk.

At long last had the grandchildren’s campfire at the allotment… although Izzy wasn’t able to make it because of a chesty cough. Been holding off for weeks since too muddy, so had to hold it while it was still light. Decided that was OK… can have the Autumn camp fire in the dark with the usual torchlight walk through the woods, and the Spring camp fire in the light so the kids can play. Ate sausages and marshmallows. Connor and Sammy thought the new multi-story den great… but that didn’t stop Connor trying to haul a shed door up to create another floor! Paige attended her first camp fire and showed the gravity of the event by dressing as Minnie Mouse with Mary Poppins trimmings (the umbrella).

Won the first pool/darts competition of the month against sons David and John, but bombed out badly at the pitch and putt when I recorded nine shots at one hole. Nine shots! And two narrow defeats against David this week at squash, beaten 2-3 both times. If I could only squeeze a bit more skill and consistency all round I’d be champion of the world and beating both sons every week. Better hurry up though… only a year and a bit away from 60 and it’ll be all downhill from then on!


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