The long and winding road, dah dah...

Here's a video clip of my trip home from the allotment. This was a second attempt, the first having lots of brake cable and front wheel shots in it. As you can tell, it's been done with huge technical input, guide shown below just in case you want to do it yourself. You need to follow the instructions to the letter for it to work...
1. Hold camera against handlebars
2. Stick on with tape
Lucky I didn't try it last night. A pleasant evening sky turned grey and nasty with heavy rain looking like it would never stop. The shed wall lost its resident coat. Only been hanging there for about a year and considered home by generations of spiders, so somewhat nervous as I poked my arms down the sleeves. Set off with rain so heavy I needed wipers for my specs. Slowing up to manoeuvre round the cemetery gate, my foot slipped and the whole shebang (me, Pashley, bag etc.) ended up horizontal. Much cursing and blame allocation to everyone and everything but me. Arrived home accompanied by half a ton of cemetery mud.
Grandchildren round on Friday for Linda's birthday. so some video clips below of the tykes.

Paige, Sammy (an item) and Izzy at Linda's birthday. Connor is in a sulk elsewhere in the room.

Izzy manages to stay motionless for an unusually long time for her.

Sammy doesn't manage to stay still.

Yet another paper invention by Sammy.

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