Noisy helicopter

Yes, I know I'm a bit behind with my posts... but with this thing hovering over our house at 01:00 this morning waking everyone around I'm not going to be bright and chippy enough to catch up anytime soon!
On the hottest night of the year, when everyone had their bedroom windows open, the Cambridgeshire police helicopter decided to hover a few hundred feet above St Ives for about twenty minutes. Couldn't see any searchlight going, and appeared too high to be doing anything useful. But what a racket it made. No chance of any sleep until it moved off to wake a few hundred other ratepayers up!
I'm assuming it's the police helicopter... it's based at RAF Wyton, which is just a mile north of us. I've put in a Freedom of Information request to Cambridgeshire Police to ask if it was their helicopter, if so what was it doing, what constraints the pilot operates under at night in a built up area and if those constraints were met, what the cost of the helicopter is and some figures on whether it's value for money. I'll let you know when I get a response (they have a month to respond).
Moan over... if it's any compensation I fell better for that! In the meantime I'm gathering photos and stories for the next post, including our trip to Scotland to compete against my brothers at anything that moves. Did I remember to pack my lucky streak? More to follow as soon as I can.

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  1. Anonymous5:05 pm

    That helicopter woke us up too!

    Just stumbled across your blog. We are also "growers" though on a much smaller scale (ie in the back garden). I'll come back and visit again and see how you are getting on


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