Frozen chicken

It's been a bit of a toss up who's been the most miserable over the last two weeks... the feathered fiends with their first experience of snow, or me laid up with a miserable cold, cough, chest... well, just about everything wheezing.
The chickens were not at all happy with the snow. They each found a perch to keep them clear and when they had to come for food they tried to fly over as much of it as they could. It wasn't a happy time for Izzy Chicken (shown here, click to enlarge). Being white, she almost disappeared against the background, leaving a yellow beak and red comb to float about ghost-like.
Had a couple of hours at the plot today, when I tidied out the potting shed ready for planting seeds and moved the geraniums into the greenhouse to start encouraging them back into growth. But that's the first decent session on the plot in a fortnight. When I have managed up recently it's been for as short a spell as possible. Prior to that Becky and Beth did the honours looking after the chickens.
The worse bout of snow that I can remember was followed by the worse flooding on the plot. The forecast looks hopeful though, with much warmer weather from Tuesday. The sun was warm today and the temperature in the shed got up to 65 farenheit. Now where's that planting calendar?
More photos below, just click to enlarge.

Frozen approach to the Hill Rise allotments
Spot the allotment
Flooding when the thaw started
Where's the chicken run gone... it's all water!
Valentine card to me from Connor
Picture on front door that welcomed Connor & Paige
Beck sent these from Izzy... pulling faces to cheer me up
David's puppy he got for Christmas. He's called it Jazz.

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