Arise, Sir Greenhouse

Well, here’s progress so far on the greenhouse (click to enlarge). Now only the door and ventilation window to fit before the frame is finished. Once I got the hang of it, was remarkably easy to do.

Was aiming to bolt the base to the metal poles I’d concreted into the ground, but couldn’t find the bolts I’d bought a week ago. Turned out I’d put them in the kitchen drawer when I decided to tidy out my allotment rucksack… it had been getting increasingly heavy as various things I’d thought would be useful to have to hand had been put in the rucksack and found their way to the bottom unused. So I took all the old grouting off the frame instead.

Next big job is to fit the glass. Cue strong winds this weekend (every time I’m at this stage with putting something up the wind blows… click here to read the posting for May 2006 when I put my first shed roof up!). So if I get much time at all on the allotment this weekend (with rain forecast as well it’ll be real fun) it won’t be to put the glass in. I know I’m missing a few panes so maybe I’ll get what I have organised and get some replacement glass so I’m ready to go. Could also level out the floor and put up the potting tables for inside.

No sign of any more garlic other than the two brave souls that popped their heads up a few weeks ago. Hope I'm not going to regret using my own cloves from this Summer. And no sign of any broadbeans yet either, other than the orphan I transplanted from another bed is going great guns. Started harvesting the leeks this week... wonderful! Might do twice a much next year to supply the extended family for six months.

Great news last weekend that the groundsmen should be leaving large piles of woodchips this week when they do some tidying up, and everyone can help themselves. Not so good news that by today there’s no sign of them. Although there’s not been much rain everything is permanently damp and muddy, particularly inside the chicken pen. So I’m going to put a large amount of chippings inside the pen to dry it out. The girls will love scratching about in that.

Was top favourite with the chickens today when they had a feast of spaghetti. As soon as they hear the crinkle of the plastic bag I put it in they come hurtling from all four corners of the plot, even jumping up to try and get a mouthful. Here they are scoffing a second helping.

Couple more photos below of Izzy Chicken, the most user friendly of the girls. She will insist in getting into the feeding tray with both feet, which causes havoc when the other three are trying to get their beaks filled. But not too keen on the bits of digestive biscuit I offered her. You can see from this photo how dark it is by the time I cycle home… when Summer at last arrives I find it hard to believe daylight’s gone just after 4pm at this time of year.

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