Certified at last

Got my certificate at last from grandson Sammy, complete with extra star. Was awarded for beating his dad at racquetball a fortnight ago. The original didn't have his cheeky picture on it of course. The theme is fireworks.
Made slow progress on the greenhouse, interrupted by the weekly couple of days work at the call centre. Struck lucky first time in getting the base level and square, and concreted some metal poles in to bolt it to once I've got the greenhouse up.
Today I managed to get the two sides constructed... fortunately the previous owner had kept all the instructions so wasn't too difficult although the chickens as usual had their heads into anything I was doing and hoped the nuts and bolts were food.
On a winning streak again... got the raquetball crown back from Barry, and have won last two squash matches against son David to pull the score back this month to all level. That makes the match on Sunday a decider for the month... if David wins he's 2008 champion so it's one I've got to win to keep this year's competition going.
Son John's 25th birthday on Thursday, and he put the Superman outfit to use on a night out in Cambridge. Here he is with a few drinks in him no doubt (if you're feeling brave click to enlarge for full impact). The manic look doesn't come from my side of the family!

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