Just a perfect day

Weather warm and sunny, Radio3 playing gently in the background, earth nice and loose. It certainly was allotment heaven this morning.
After completing the usual Sunday morning maintenance jobs of cleaning out the chickens and filling up the compost bin I got down to the start of weeding the asparagus bed. I've been told by Mark, one of my allotment colleagues, that the feathery bits of the asparagus need to be cut down at the end of this month.
The one year old roots I planted in Spring have certainly come on, particularly since I excluded the chickens from the raised bed part of my plot and therefore stopped them grubbing up everything in sight. Unfortunately I seem to be always behind in general weeding and thought it would be helpful if I could at least see the asparagus before I attempted to prune. Here's the result (click to enlarge)... still some way to go but the bit I've done looks tidy.
Earlier I'd also been huffing and puffing up and down the grass paths with my push along mower. Let the grass get too long so much more difficult to cut, particularly when wet. Think I'll add that to my Sunday maintenance jobs.
I've realised I've got quite a few things on the to do list. Been looking for a cheap wipeboard to jot down outstanding tasks... will look for one at the St Ives market tomorrow.
In afternoon wandered around Holt Island with Linda. Another sign that Summer is over, since it was the last opening day this year. The weather's been so poor this year that there have been few dragon flies and butterflies whenever we've visited. Today they came out in force. Saw several butterflies... Comma, Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral. Sat in our favourite seat overlooking the watermeadow with the sun nice and warm ... lovely! Afterwards walked to The Quay and bought a chocolate icecream from Mario, another of my allotment colleagues.
Took the oldest grandchildren for the usual Sunday afternoon game of football. Here they are (Connor almost 6, Sammy 51/2 and Paige 31/2) trying to look serious while I repeat the rules of engagement for our two minute walk to the park. When we got there Connor realised he hadn't got his proper football boots on and threw a wobbly. Followed up later in the evening with a tearful phonecall saying he now wanted to play football and could I come and put him to bed. Little sausage!
Ended a perfect day by cooking berrichonne potatoes for tea.

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