Wasp palace

Well, another pile of dirt didn't put the wasps off... they were still going about their business this afternoon. Not only that, but they now appear to have several entrances, so I decided the dirt option isn't going to work. If I pile any more on they'll have the most substantial wasps' nest on Hill Rise Allotments. You can't quite see the angry residents buzzing around in this picture, looking for someone to sting. Didn't really fancy getting close in to give you a better idea!
So it's a choice... leave 'til Winter kills them all off and the queen relocates in Spring, or push the weeds etc piled nearby onto the nest and set fire to it. Jury's out at the moment.
Other than on the wasp front I had an idyllic afternoon. Warm sunshine. Nice cycle up on the Pashley, who's gears are now working fine after I had a fiddle with the cable. Got the remaining potatoes out and most of the onion sets in. Cycled home in the dusk (at 7:00pm now!) to pasta and a glass of wine. Daughter Becky popped in later with loads of smiles (as ever) and our Avon delivery.
Had a good clear out of the garage in the morning, with two car loads taken to the dump. Much of what went were the toys the grandchildren had played with over the last few years when they've come to visit. Sad, but they don't use them now. We could have made a packet at a car boot sale, but timing never right when we have a clear out. Almost got to my corner of the garage, where I keep the quarry tiles from my father in law which I just know will come in handy one day. Managed to fight off any encroachment into my hoard by Linda.
Early afternoon we'd walked around Somersham, including the allotments there. They're huge, but without any water supply so much is used as orchards. There's continuing signs that more of the plots are being actively used, but still many are not.

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  1. Actually we do have a water supply on the Somersham Allotments,we remove the pump during the winter months.


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