Campfire at the ready

Looks like we're going to have the annual camp fire tomorrow evening. When I say 'annual', I mean the second instance. Last year for the first time Chris, Barry & I took my two grandsons Connor & Sammy up to the allotment as it was getting dark. Lit a fire, then went off around the woods with torches. Returned to cook sausages & marshmallows over the embers. They thought it was fantastic!
Last year's camp fire site is now inside the chicken run so I set it up again at the top of the new plot, complete with log seats. Gathered dry wood & stored in the shed, though the weather forecast continues to predict sunshine.
Found a wasps' nest while I was gathering wood. Put a big plastic plant pot over it to see if that will get rid of it. Finished the visit by tying up my onions & hanging them in the shed. Then it was off home to lamb shank and minted potatoes. Perfect!
Bike-wise things are not perfect. The Pashley is still with Halfords. Apparently they ordered the gear shift from the makers but it was the wrong type and they have to order from Pashley themselves. They've done this, but Pashley have to order from the makers (do you feel a bit dizzy as well now?). Still waiting for the parts to arrive. Fast approaching three weeks they've had the bike now. Makes me feel a whole lot better when they tell me it'll take them seconds to fit the part once it arrives!
The whole extended family have now been supplied with samples of my blackberry jam. It's really fruity, but blackberries must have a pretty high seed content since the jam is also quite crunchy. I'm going to attempt blackberry and apple jelly jam next when I can get hold of come Brambley apples. There's no seed problem with this since you strain all the fruit out.

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