June 2006

Not much prose this month... most of my time on the plot has been spent watering & weeding. Working far too hard at the contact centre as well. And of course preparing for my daughter Beth's wedding to Chris, which is on Saturday 1st July. So apologies for the late July post.

But here's the first produce from my allotment! Garlic, onions, potatoes & swiss chard. I wouldn't have believed it when I looked at the wasteland that was my plot back in January. I sometimes go back to the photos from January just to remind myself.

Realised I was spending up to half my time weeding on the Sunday mornings I do most of the work... & that's only keeping the weeds under control on the half of the site I've got raised beds. The rest just gets weed tops cut off if it's lucky. I want to have grassed paths & I've brought the push along mower my wife thought would be good for me to use (for exercise?) a few years ago in readiness.

Then I started to dream of a cordless strimmer... wouldn't life be sooooooo much easier if I had one. No sign of a cheap one on EBay, about £50 in Argos. Just couldn't bring myself to justify one. Then, when considering the couch grass that's grown in our garden (the normal grass not growing because it's been so hot & dry) my wife said "Maybe you should get a decent strimmer". Oh, thank you, thank you. If my wife thinks we need one it must be right!

Anyway, here's the rest ofJune's 'photos. Hopefully I'll be more lyrical in July!

Thanks for reading my blog. John

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