What’s it all about?

Having mooched around for a while looking at various spare plots, here’s a photo of the allotment I settled on in Jan 2006 (click to enlarge).

Certainly didn’t pick it for tidiness. Although used in the past it must have been many years previously…it was like rough pasture.

Like many allotment sites, much of the plots at Hill Rise had fallen into disuse through the 1980s and 1990s and renewed interest was just building up. I picked my site because it had enthusiastic occupants on surrounding plots.

Within a month I was off and running and heading confidently for spring… my son-in-law and ace carpenter Chris had constructed raised beds and installed a chicken wire fence. That really helped since at any one time I only had to dig one bed.

Since then I’ve taken on an additional plot on the back of my first, ditched the raised beds, built a shed, built a chicken run and coop and acquired some chickens and a mad cockerel, put up a greenhouse and a tree house for the grandchildren. During 2010 I put up a polytunnel and dug a pond. See progress photos at the foot of this page.

About the same time as I started my allotment I also got interested in blogging. Seemed appropriate to record progress on my plot using a blog. It developed to be a web site through which like minded people could access some of the guides I’d constructed through hard experience.

And since my grandchildren love going to ‘our field’ they, and the rest of the family, have become very much part of the content. So the blog is also partly a family diary with photos and videos.

Particularly in winter months the blog is my chance to write about general topics of interest and personal opinion. In the main posts follow my philosophy on life… there’s not many topics into which you can’t try and inject some humour… with many of my planting and construction attempts it’s not been hard to find something comical.

Every spring I sally forth with absolute confidence that everything planted will grow into a specimen to be admired. Every autumn I wonder what went wrong. I’ve no doubt the next year will be exactly the same… I hope my experiences at least make you laugh, and hopefully help you along the way to your own success by not repeating the mistakes I make. At least it mostly keeps me out of trouble.

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