Useful links

First, a list of blogs I enjoy reading.
My Tiny Plot
Purple Podded Peas

How about some of my web sites on other topics...
Cambridgeshire Walks, great walks and photographs around St Ives.
St Ives 100 Years Ago, all about the social history of our beautiful town.
Bowling for Gold, my quest to conquer the lawn green bowling world.

Here’s the link to the local Allotment Association…
Hill Rise Allotment Association

And some links to useful vegetable-related forums…
Allotments 4 All
Vegetable Gardens
Village Garden Web, mostly content from the USA, but interesting nevertheless.

Finally, other useful links…
National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners
Smallholder UK
BBC Gardeners' World with great content including a projects guide


  1. @Amia_Cat8:36 pm

    I love this recipe. I've been following it for the past 4/5 years and have experimented with adding elderberries, sloes, ginger (not all at the same time obviously!), with some great results. My friends would agree that it can be lethal, and more than a few people have failed to heed a warning and suffered an abrupt end to a promising evening thanks to spinning head. For anyone who's never made fruit wines before- this is an excellent place to start. Sorry it's taken me so long to congratulate you on such a great post!

    1. Hi Amia... Thank you for the positive feedback. Glad you enjoy the recipe. Happy daze! John


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