Another new allotment plot????

I've got another allotment plot! How did that happen????

Here's the new plot in the foreground, with a corner of my now slightly less new plot in the top left. The latest edition is about half the size. And yes, you've guessed it, needs a thorough weeding.

It's only mine in effort. Acquired for my 12 year old grandson, Sammy. He's rather taken to the peace and tranquility of playing bowls and was also rather taken with the idea of having his own patch of earth. With an older (well, much older, by about 65 years) member finding the plot too much, seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

So I've started the long haul of weeding. Haven't quite finished the same job on my own plot, but only got a small corner to do and Sammy's need is more pressing.

Took him down the bowls club to survey his new possession. Within seconds he was talking about a small den he could sit in, beside a pond he could overlook. To buy time, suggested when he got home he draw a plan of how it would look. The constant state of turmoil his bedroom is in, it'll take him weeks to find a pencil.

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