Gold plated willow wands

Wandering around the garden centre yesterday, noted the latest must-have thing is a pot of willow wands. Tastefully scattered everywhere. Varying heights, the one above being the smallest. Think the idea is they give a bit of greenery on the patio.

Hate to think what will happen if the uninitiated bung them in the border. Once willows establish themselves they take over everything. Shoots spring up from the base at an amazing rate. And the tree will grow to 50 feet if left to its own devices. Even in a pot, it'll take a bit of maintenance to keep a good shape. Will need to trim side shoots away at least monthly.

The most shocking thing was the price. For the smallest pot... £14.99! I'm going to do a DIY version for nothing. A wander in the countryside and I'll soon find a willow tree full of spouting wands. Watch this space.

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