Goodbye Hill Rise Allotments

If it wasn't for how excited I am about my new Bowls Club allotment, would be a bit sad at leaving the old plot. Invested a lot of time and effort in construction projects, much toil on the clay soil too. It's looking bit sad in the bubble image below. Allotments always look messy in autumn

Note that well trodden path. Quite a bit of the infrastructure is on the move to allotment colleagues. The polytunnel, water butts and fruit trees have already gone. The greenhouse will be next. Anything not fixed down will be put to good use. Even the shed was under consideration for a deconstruct and rebuild at one point, before the size of the task was realised.

Great news this week that son, John, has applied for an allotment in his Fen village and is talking chickens. Miss my chickens!


  1. Good luck with your new allotment. xxx

    1. Thanks Alison. The more digging I do on the new plot, the bigger it seems to get. I'm in that 'going to make it the best looking allotment plot ever' mode. Think that lasts about three weeks. Regards, John


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