Planting a pond

Just how many projects can a man complete before he has to get down to planting? For me, the number seems infinite. Currently it's the new pond.

Got form on ponds. For the previous effort see Making a Clay Lined Pond. That three year old beauty is still going strong. Full of wildlife, including it's second flush of home produced tadpoles. And tantalisingly always in sight, positioned on the plot adjoining ours that we gave up last Autumn.

That pond was a great feature, such a pleasure to sit beside watching the latest visitors while taking a break. And an important asset on the allotment site, with so little surface water available. At times it seemed like there was a bee's nest somewhere close, so great was the number of honey bees dipping in to take a drink. Pond skippers, dragon flies and various beetles added interest. The height of excitement was the realisation we had not just one, but five newts.

With the latest installation I tried using an old rigid pond lining first, but my attempts to repair holes with waterproof tape failed. Unfortunately I'd ploughed on and installed the whole thing, water and plants included, before I realised. So it was back to base. Flexible UPVC used the send time. Much easier once I'd wrestled it into an unfolded state.

On the first visit after completion not only had the water started to clear, but creatures had already moved in. A few raft spiders were skipping across the surface and down cracks. Loads of midge larvae were on the surface, enjoying the predator-free environment. Most exciting of all, a caddis fly larvae kept popping to the surface, not having had time to construct its case of silk, binding bits and pieces from the pond.

Here are some snaps of the build process. Lots more to follow as the pond develops.

Grandsons amazingly energetic, until I realised they were searching for fossils and water springs.

Rigid pond lining installed and all complete.

Plants in, water cleared... but also leaking!

Plan B, and a slightly bigger pond. Wasn't that lining hard to fold out!

Reminder for the future... dig out channels to fold lining edge into BEFORE installing!

Installation 2 almost complete.

Final touches added... a few more plants and pebbles.

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  1. There's so much planning involved when building a pond... A lot of people think it's a simple task but it really isn't. I love that you're getting your children involved though - we always tell our customers to make it a family experience. Laura | Shirley Aquatics


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