Manure from heaven

There's been a bit of a feeding frenzy on our allotment site over the last couple of days. The allotment association arranged for sixty tons of compost to be delivered, enough for each member to have one ton, or twenty wheelbarrow loads. Members have been filling their boots, so to say, before any non members nick it.

In fact the compost has come for free from the composting centre at Envar, locally called poo corner. The autumn has been so mild and moist they've had an excess of green waste to compost, resulting in too much compost for demand. The association just had to pay for the transport of three loads.

With almost two hundred allotment holders who are not members of the association, there's plenty of scope for nighttime raids and daytime bravado. So gulag measures are in force...there are guards of committee members with lists in their hands detailing who is a member as well as patrols around the site to spot any non member plot with association compost thereon. The good thing is, there's been a sudden eagerness to join the association. About ten plot holders have joined in the last two days.

I keep having a recurring nightmare that I've miscounted my  barrowload allocation and will come to the attention of the committee chairman. Oh, the humiliation of being asked to wheelbarrow several loads back!

Snaps of how it's benefited my plot below, plus a video giving an idea of the urgency some plot holders applying to ensuring they get their fair share.

Final load along the compost superhighway.

Perfect timing for digging over prior to the first frosts.

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