Allotment update December 2013

Still plodding away completing the move to one plot, with the added task of path straightening and creating. And the strong winds kind of undid my work on relocating the greenhouse. More wheelbarrowing again this month, this time of free compost. Here's the month's progress...

Earlier in the month completed the paving outside the greenhouse and put down some grass seed.

Bit of a gamble sowing grass in December. But it's been so mild, by the end of the month bingo!

The allotment association arranged delivery of 60 tons of compost for members to help themselves.

Managed to dig in the compost on one of the big beds.

Still got to do the other bed.

Kind of got distracted flattening the bump in the central path.

And creating a new path in line with the path on the other side.

The strong winds broke my makeshift greenhouse door and then blew out some panels.

Must have been with some force... some of the glass ended up in next door's plot!

What's growing at present? Can't wait to start on the leeks, though we've only had one slight frost.

The sweet peas have started popping their heads up.

And the hyacinth bulbs are coming on.

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