Cure for sour crop or crop bound

Looking for a sour crop or crop bound cure? Hard to believe the speckled hen on the left was lethargic and had stopped eating last week. Turned out she had sour crop, when her crop becomes blocked (known as crop bound) and the blocked food starts to ferment. This results in a fungal infection. Additional symptoms are obviously a crop which appears full and stiff.

What worked wonders was force feeding small amounts of olive oil and yoghurt with a syringe twice a day. The olive oil helps to get the blocked crop moving again. The yoghurt combats the infection. Crushed garlic cloves have the same effect.

After applying the treatment, gently massage the crop to encourage it to unblock. Best wear old clothes, since at the beginning it's likely the chicken will vomit some pretty foul (fowl?) smelling liquid.

Within a few days she was back to her old self. Of course the sooner the problem is spotted, the better the chances of success.

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