Top vegetables to plant

Beginning of Spring, and there's some sign in the weather that a new and exciting season is on its way. Surely we've got to have a better Summer than 2012!

Over the next few weeks it's time to get planting. So here's a list of links to the top ten vegetables I'm keen to plant in Spring. You may spot some obvious choices missing, such as carrots or cabbage. This is just a personal list of vegetables I find most easy to grow.

Asparagus takes up permanent space in the allotment or garden, and takes a while before you can harvest a full crop. But it's a plant that's requires so little maintenance when established, and is so so tasty, it would be daft not to plant some.

Beetroot is easy to grow and very healthy. Plant small amounts often.

Garlic is ideally planted in Autumn, but it's not too late to plant early Spring when there's still some frost around.

Leeks add such a zing to cooking they're a must in our house. And in the middle of Winter, when there's little else to harvest, leeks will be there waiting for you!

Lettuce is so easy to grow, and how can you have a salad without your own lettuce. Much tastier than the shop bought varieties.

Onions are another staple for cooking and salads. So easy to grow.

Potatoes are well worth growing for the thrill of sticking your spade in and revealing dozens of perfect tubers.

Pumpkins are such enthusiastic growers, and the sight of a big orange pumpkin always makes me smile.

Spinach is so tasty and healthy, it has to be on the list.

Tomatoes are my favourite. So much tastier than the supermarket bought versions, it's like they're a different plant altogether.

And here are a few other aids to your planting...

Hope you have a great planting season!


  1. Anonymous8:46 am

    Hello what can you plant this time of the year (November)
    all 19 of new to gardening.

    1. Hi Valcie… I’ve included a link to my vegetable planting calendar, which you can print out and use throughout the year. At this time of the season things are a bit restricted, but you’ve still got time to plant garlic and broad beans, maybe even some spinach if the weather is mild. Here’s the link :

      There’s also a post on what to plant in Spring along with some resources to help. Here’s the link to that :

      Regards, John

    2. There's also this post specifically about what to plant in November...


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