Is there still a drought?

With rainfall for November 2011 being well below the average, and in some regions the lowest for many years, maybe it shouldn't come as any surprise we're making up for it this month. In fact some areas may be well over 150% of average for the month.

So it came as no surprise on my chicken tickling visit (i.e. cleaning out the coop... no need to report me for exotic practices) that the pond had burst it's banks.

There were loads of fungi sprouting from logs. This one was in the pile beside the pond.

Another type in the same location.

And another.

This type was in the log by the shed door.

Whilst digging on the front plot could be more advanced, not too concerned yet.

Though some work is needed on the Gardman polytunnel, which barely survived two winters. Going to cover it with scaffold netting.

The onions sets are sprouting.

Even better, the garlic cloves are really doing well in spite of the weather.

Just need a decent spell of frost to sweeten up the leeks, swedes and parsnips.

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