Images from July 2012

After thieves visited the plot mid July and stole two chickens for food, Samson (now with only three tail feathers) and the remaining three hens are under lock and key.

Whatever disappointments the season brings, this year's major minus being the loss of all the tomato plants to blight, there's always some compensation... the front plum tree is just bursting with fruit.

Might just do an abstract painting for the craft section of our flower & produce show based on these sweetcorn leaves.

In the chicken run tall purple verbena are putting on a fine show.

Having moved all the raspberry plants last autumn they're a bit slow in producing this year... here's the first fruit.

Was concerned the onions would suffer from the excessive wet weather, but looks like there's some whoppers for showing.

The buddleia are in full bloom and wafting fragrance around the plot.

Very patriotic in the Queen's Jubilee year... red, white and blue (well, purple) peas.

For the first year ever I've managed not to lose the butternut squash. Here's a couple of the first flowers.

And the first pumpkins bursting forth.

Here's what welcomes a visitor to the plot... smiling sunflowers across the front fence.

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