St Ives Flower Show 1878

Here is the report of the St Ives Flower show held in 1878, as published in the Hunts Guardian & East Midland Spectator dated 27 July 1878. You can read a history of the show and access all the links for newspaper articles and other information about the show at Allotment Heaven: St Ives Flower Show from 1876.

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27th July 1878


The annual exhibition of the St Ives Horticultural Society was held in Mr. Henry Goodman’s paddock, on Thursday. The show itself assumes larger dimensions year by year, and in respect to the exhibits, their number and excellence, the general interest excited, the visitors, make this the best show that has been held. The day was unfortunately rather doubtful, and rain more thun (SIC) once interfered with the enjoyment of the company.

In the cottagers' show the entries were numerous, scarcely a class being vacant, the competition keen, and the interest taken in it very great. The show of vegetables was very fine and good. The amateurs were in large force, and produced a good exhibition, altogether three tents being only sufficient to give room for the display. The decorations usual on such occasions were well carried out, and the show well managed throughout.

The prizes were distributed at 7 o'clock, but rain interrupted this part of the proceedings.

The day closed with a display of fireworks, the gift of the mayors, the experienced management of Mr.Seward's, and personally superintended by Mr. Wells,
the famous pyrotechnist, of London. These commenced at 8.30, in a dull atmosphere, which kept the smoke from rising, and thus depreciated the effect. A large balloon was despatched, 35 feet in diameter, which when up discharged rockets, floating lights, a very pretty picture. A royal salute of aerial maroons
followed, an effective illumination of the foliage by coloured fires, continual discharges of rockets, bombarding wheel, Sultau’s looking glass, Ixion’s wheel, tree of golden fruit, palm trees, Saxon square, pyramid of golden gerbs, horizontal or rocket wheel, fiery pigeons – which ran well – saucissions, and the finale, “may we all meet again,” making the best display of fireworks seen in the town for many a long day. The Chinese lanterns had a very nice effect. The rain marred their beauty, and the comfort of the large crowd in the paddock. At the conclusion the band played God save the Queen, and the company dispersed.

The secretary, Mr. Copley, and treasurer, Mr. Han-kin, with the managing committee, again exerted themselves to procure what was decidedly a satisfactory result in every way. The following is the



Class 1 Twelve Kidney Potatoes: First prize, 3/, Wm. Thompson; 2nd, 2/, Samuel Chambers; 3rd, 1/, R. Culpin, sen.

Class 2 Twelve Round ditto: 3/, Jos. Seymour; 2/, W. Lee; 1/, Thos. Silk

Class 3 Twelve Early Rose ditto: 3/, A. Fear; 2/, A. Smith; 1/, T. Clarke

Class 4 Four Stalks Rhubarb: 2/, G. Smith; 1/, Jas. Hodge; 6d., W. Cox

Class 5 Thirty Pods Peas: 3/, S. Chambers; 2/, R. Wicks; 1/, G. Smith; 6d. S Chambers, jun.

Class 6 Twenty do. Broad Beans: 2/, W. Burton; 1/, J Seymour; 6d., W., Cox

Class 7 Twenty do. Scarlet Runners: 2/, R. Wicks; 1/, Jas Brown; 6d., S. Chambers, sen.

Class 8 Twenty do. French Beans: 2/, W. T. Norris; 1/, Eb. Harrison; 6d., S. Chambers jun.

Class 9 Ten Onions (spring sown): 2/, W. Lee; 1/, S. Chambers, sen.; 6d., G. Williams

Class 10 Ten do. autumn sown: 2/, R. W. Culpin; 1/, G. Williams; 6d., S Chambers, sen.

Class 11 Two Cabbages (not Cattle): 2/, W. Benton; 1/, W. See; 6d., Jos. Barker

Class 12 Two Cauliflowers: 2nd 1/, G. Brown

Class 13 Ten Carrots: 2/, Wm. Lee; 1/, Mary Harrup; 6d., S. Chambers, sen.

Class 14 Ten Turnips: 2/, S. Chambers, sen.; 1/, Elizabeth Inglett

Class 15 Three Coss Lettuces: 2/, Wm. Lee; 3rd, 6d., W. Saunders

Class 16 Three Cabbage Lettuces: 2/, S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, W. Fordham; 6d., Thos Clarke

Class 17 Best Collection of Pot Herbs: 2/. S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, W. Benton

Class 18 Best Basket of Vegetables: 5/, S. Chambers, jun.; 2/6, W. Burton; 1/, W. Lee

Class 19 Best Basket of Salad: 3/, S. Chambers, jun.

Class 20 Two Vegetable Marrows: 2/, S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, Wm. Saunders; 6d., R. Darlington

Class 21 Two Ridge Cucumbers: 2/, S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, Wm Burton; 6d., G. Brown

Class 22 Twelve Radishes: 2/, Jos. Seymour; 1/, S. Chambers, jun.; 6d., T. Garner

Class 23 Twelve Turnip radishes: 2/, S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, S. Chambers, jun.

Class 24 Ten Parsnips: 2/S. Chambers, jun.; 1/, John Frost, jun.; 6d. T.., Garner

Class 25 Two Heads of Celery: 2/, Jos. Seymour; 1/, S. Chambers, jun.; 6d., W. Burton

Class 26 Best Cultivated Allotment prizes given by the Mayor: 10/, S. Chambers, jun.; 7/6, W. Burton; 5/,, W. Cox; 2/6, S. Newman


Class 27 Three Pears: 2/. Thomas Cousins, 1/, W. Walker; 6d.,

Class 28 Six Kitchem Apples: 2/, W. Turner; 1/, Jos. Mills; 6d., Stephen Favell

Class 29 Six dessert ditto: 2/, E. Watson; 1/, T. Course, jun.; 6d., Stephen Favell

Class 30 Six plums: 2/, G. Brown; 1/, T. Course, jun

Class 31 1/2lb. Raspberries: No entries

Class 32 Twelve strawberries: No entries

Class 33 1/2lb. Red Currants: 2/, G. Brown; 1/, C. King. 6d., R. W. Culpin

Class 34 1/2lb. White Currants: 2/, G. Brown

Class 35 ½ lb. Clack Currants: 2/, S. Chambers, jun; 1/, George Brown; 6d., Chas. Giddings

Class 36 Twelve large Gooseberries: 2/, G. Williams; 1/, G. Brown; 6d., S. Newman


Class 38 One Mimulus or Monkey Plant: 2/-, D. Horner; 1/6, E. Macrow; I/-, G. Smith

Class 39 Two best Variegated Geraniums: 2/-. S. Chambers, jun.; 1/6, J. Bullen; 1/-, J. Seymour

Class 40 Two Zonal or plant leaf ditto: 2/-, J. Seymour; 1/6, C. Green; 1/-, Amos Jeffs.

Class 41 Two Pelargoniums: No entries

Class 42 Two Celceolarias (yellow); 2/-, J.Bullen

Class 43 Two ditto (various): No entries

Class 44 One Cactus: 3/-, C. Green

Class 45 Two Fuschias (various): 3/-, S. Titchmarsh; 2/-, Eliz. Lines; 1/-, G. Smith

Class 46 One Fuschia: 2/-, Ann Toller; 1/-, S. Titchmarsh; 6d., D. Webster

CIass 47 Three Window Plants (various): 3/-, Eliza. Clarke; 2/-, J. Bullen; 1/-, S. Chambers, jun.; 6d., Jas. Avery

Class 48 Two Balsams: 2/-, S. Chambers, jun.; 1/-, T. Garner

Class 49 One Basket of Hanging Plant: 2/, J. Bullen; 1/, S. Chambers, jun.; 6d., Jas. Avery.

Class 50 One Fern no entries

Class 61 One Pot of Musk: 2/, Jos. Bullen ; 1/, Amos Jeffs ; 6d. Eliz. Clarke

Class 52 One Pot of Mignonette: 2/, J. Frost, jun.; 1/, Eliz. Clarke; 6d., S. Chambers, jun.

Class 53 Best Collection of Plants, not less than four (various) 3/, H. Clarke; 2/, Amos Jeffs; 1/, Chas. Cannon


Class 54 Three Marigolds: 2/, W. Burton

Class 55 Two Verbernas: no entries

Class 56 Three Carnations: 2/, Fanny Gray; 1/, S. Newman

Class 57 Three Picotees: 2/, Fanny Gray; 1/, R. Lord

Class 58 Three Stocks: 2/, T. Gamer; 1/ G. Brown Class

Class 59 Three Sweet Williams: 1/, T. Silk

Class 60 Three Phloxes: 2/, G. Brown

Class 61 Three Double Zinnias: no entries

Class 62 Three Single Zinnias: no entries

Class 63 Three Hollyhocks: 2/, Sarah Fordham; 1/, Hannah Bond

Class 64 Best Nosegay of Garden Flowers: 3/, G. Brown; 2/, Fanny Gray

Class 65 Best Nosegay of Wild Flowers, for Girls under 15 years: 3/, Emily Prike; 2/, Ada Wickett; 1/, Ruth Burdett

Class 66 Ditto for Boys under 15 years: 3/, A. Thompson; 2/, J. Spencer; 1/, A. Wallace

Class 67 Three Cut Roses: 3/, W. J. Norris; 2/, S. Chambers; G.Brown

Class 68 Three Dahlias: 2/, J. Porter; 1/, R. Lord

Class 69 Three Asters: no entries

Class 70 Best Glass of Honey: no entries

Class 71 Six Varieties of Cut Flower: 3/, E. Harrison; 2/, J. Seymour; 1/, S. Chambers


Class 72 Canary, Green: 3/, E. Harrison; 2/, J. Reynolds

Class 73 Canary. Yellow: 3/, E. Harrison; 2/, Eliz. Hobbs

Class 74 Canary, Buff: 3/, C. Green; 2/, E. Harrison

Class 75 Canary, Marked : 3/, E Harrison ; 2/, C Johnstone

Class 76 Bullfinch; no entries

Class 77 Linnet: 2/, Mary Hopkins; 1/, D. Webster

Class 78 Blackbird : 2/, Caroline Carman; 1/, James Richardson

Class 79 Thrush: no entries

Class 80 Collection of Birds (any variety) 5/, E. Harrison: 2/6, C. Johnstone


1 Six Carnations, not less than three varieties.- No entries

2 Three ditto, (various): First 2/, Mr Copley; Second, 1/6, E. M. Norris

3 Six Picotees, not less than three varieties: 4/-, Mr Copley

4 Three ditto (various): 2/-, Mr. Copley

5 Six Verbenas, not less than three varieties: 4/-, Mr. Copley; 2/6, Mr. Jas. Knights

6 Three ditto (various):

7 Six Hollyhock blooms, varied: no entries no entries

8 Three ditto: 2/., Mr. E. M. Norris

9 Six German Stocks, in pots or cut: 4/-, Mr T Knights

10 Three ditto: 2/, Mr Jas Knights; 1/6, Mr T Knights

11 Six Roses: 6/, Mr Copley; 3/, Mrs Day

12 Three ditto, ditto 2/6, E M Norris

13 Six ditto Tea and Noisette, ditto 6/-, Mr Copley

14 Three ditto (various), no entries

15 Three Fuschias, ditto 4/, Mr J A Baker; 2/6, Mr Chapman

16 One ditto 2/-, Mr J A Baker; 1/6, Miss Porter:

17 Six Zonal Geraniums (various) 4/-, Mr J A Baker; 2/6, Mr G Chapman

18 Three ditto (various), no entries

19 Collection of 12 Plants in pots, 5/, Mrs. J Battock; 3/, G Chapman

20 Three Plants in bloom, ditto 4/, Mrs. Battcock; 2/, G Chapman

21 One ditto, 2/, Mr. Baker: 1/6, G Chapman

22 Three British Ferns, 4/-, Mr Battcock

23 Six Double Zinnias, 2/6, Mr Copley; 2/-, Mr Battcock; 1/-, Mr T Knights, junr

24 Basket of Cut Flowers, 10/-, Mrs Key; 5/-, Mrs Lizzey King

25 A Table Decoration, 10/-, Miss. Kate King; 5/-, Mrs Key

26 Hand Bouquet, 5/-, Mrs Key; 2/6, Miss Kate King

27 A Bouquet of Wildflowers, 3/-, Miss Mary Knights; 2/-, Miss Alice Bedford

28 Twelve Roses (open class), Lewin Curtis, Chattteris (SIC)


29 Twelve Kidney Potatoes: 3/-, Mr Copley; 2/-, Mr J Knights

30 Twelve Round ditto: 3/-, Mr Battcock; 2/-, Miss Margaretts

31 Twelve American Rose ditto: 3/-, Mr Copley; 2/-, Mr C Green

32 Thirty Pods of Peas: 2/-, Mr J Knights; 1/-, R J Smith

33 Twenty Pods of Broad Beans: 2/-, Mr R J Smith; 1/-, Miss Margaretts

34 Twenty Pods of French ditto: 2/-, Mr Copley; 1/-, Mr J Knights

35 Twenty Pods of Scarlet Runners: 2/-, Mr R J Smith; 1/-, Mr B Garner

36 Ten Spring Onions: 2/-, Mr C W Richards; 1/-, Mr C Green

37 Three Cabbage Lettuces: 2/-, Mr C W Richards; 1/-, Mr Copley

38 Three Coss Lettuces: 2/-, Mr C W Richards

39 Three Heads of Celery (pink): 2/-, Mr Copley

40 Three Ditto, ditto (white): 2/-, Mr Copley

41 Two Cucumbers: 3/-, Mr Copley; 1/-, Mrs Battcock

42 Two Cauliflowers: 2/-, Mr Copley


43 Three Pears: 2/, Mr E M Norris; 1/, B S Clark

44 Six Kitchen Apples: 2/, Mr. G. Meadows; 1/, Mr. E. M. Norris

45 Six Dessert ditto: 2/, Mr. B. S. Clark

46 Six Plums: 2/, Mr. E. M. Norris; 1/, Mr. G. Norris

47 1/2lb. Raspberries: no entries

48 Strawberries: no entries

49 1/2lb Red Currants: 2/, Mr. E M Norris; 1/, Mr. W W Warner

50 1/2lb White Currants: 2/, Mr W W Warner

51 1/2lb Black Currants: 2/, Mr E M Norris; 1/, Mr G Meadows

52 Twelve largest Gooseberries: 2/, Mr G Meadows; 1/, Mr E M Norris

53 1/2lb. Gooseberries, for flavour: 2/6, Mr E M Norris ; Mr G Meadows

54 Bunch Black Grapes: no entries

55 Ditto White ditto: no entries

56 One Melon: 2/, Mr Copley

57 Three Peaches: no entries

58 Three Nectarines: no entries

59 Apricots: 2/, Mr B S Clark; 1/, Mr E M Norris

60 1lb Cherries: 2/, Mr Copley

Extra prizes were awarded to several Gentlemen entered not for competition.

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