Scone Rewind 2012 Best Costume

Here's an assessment from the Scotland Rewind Festival 2012, held at Scone Palace, of the best ten outfits.

Ok, ok... I accept this, being the first ever review of the costumes, isn't as comprehensive as it could be. It only takes into account outfits appearing on Saturday. It also relies on my eyeballing the crowd to snap the most likely candidates. The solution? If you think you had a costume worth assessment, let me know via the 'Contact me' tab and we'll do something about it.

What's the judging criteria? Here's the list...

1. Top points awarded for home made costumes where the wearer went out on a limb.

2. Mid level points awarded for bought costumes with some customisation, again where the wearer attempted to push imagination.

3. Lowest points for bought costumes with no customisation, but where the wearer attempted to stretch incredulity.

So here's the count down from ten to one, with merit awards for the remaining fantastic costumes. It's well worth viewing to the bottom of this post to catch the video of Musical Ruth, truly weird and funny.

Congratulations to everyone who, by dressing up and putting in some effort, made the event just that little bit more special. It gives you some idea of the bonhomie that not a single person refused to have their picture taken. Thank you all!

NUMBER 10: Miss Twister... well done in going out on a limb and making everyone smile.

NUMBER 9: Miss Rubic Cube... slightly wackier and another great outfit.

NUMBER 8: North American Indian... good customisation. You've got to admire a guy for wandering about all day exposed to the elements, but doesn't he just look the part.

NUMBER 7: MC Hammer... looks like the face paint is beginning to wear a bit thin after a few hours, but all credit for going the full nine yards.

NUMBER 6: Mario & Luigi... hugely colourful and great fun, one of the most eyecatching set of outfits.

NUMBER 5: The Minstrel... even less protection from the elements than numer 8 and a wholly self created outfit. One of the most unique on the day.

NUMBER 4: Pinhead... although a bought costume, it's so effective and striking it gains one of the top spots.

NUMBER 3: Mr Flowerpotman... at least that's what I think the costume is. Although another bought costume, great credit to the wearer for whackiness and commitment in wearing something like that all day.

NUMBER 2: Ozzie Osborne... Another great costume, much of which I suspect was made up. Dead ringer as well. Brilliant!

NUMBER 1 TOP SPOT: Mr Stripey... my best guess at the outfit, and how striking he was with white face paint, wig and striped suit. His partner really put in a great effort as well. This makes the top spot for its originality and completness. Congratulations Mr Stripey!

And here are the merit awards in no particular order...

Finally, here's a video of the funniest person at the event. Not in the listing because she was paid to be part of the experience, nevertheless Musical Ruth has to be the most side splitting performance of all.

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