Allotment update Jun-2012

Here's a pictorial roundup of the allotment at the end of June 2012.

Here's the back of plot 2, full of onions, garlic, kale and cabbages as well as vines.

The herb bank is doing spectacularly well.

Might look like rosy red apples, but they're our first ever crop of cherries.

Around the pond is a mass of flowers.

The rhubarb are getting ready for a rest and having moved the raspberries early this year, I don't think I'm going to get much from them. The strawberries are making up for it, with a pound or two every day.

Must get those sunflowers planted out before they burst through the small polytunnel roof! Tomatoes leaping ahead, and one of the gourd collections growing in plastic protection against the slugs.

Salad tubs still going strong, some on their second planting.

The flower bed in front of the shed. Marshallows starting to flower pale blue.

Peas and beans.

More tomatoes and salad vegetables along with spinach.

Plot 1 front, with a fantastic collection of lettuce as well as leeks and potatoes.

Linda's wildflower patch.

And finally, the other side of plot 1 front, with pumpkins, butternut squashes and courgettes.

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