Slug schemes apply here!

Any good ideas how to make money out of slugs? You have? Great, 'cause this year we could make a fortune!

Every season is unique and this year in addition to it being the wettest spring in my tenure of Allotment Heaven, it's also notable by the number of slugs about. Not just a few dozen, but hundreds. They're breaking into the shed, scaling the heights of the greenhouse... even squeezing into the bin I keep all the chicken feed in. The only place they're staying clear of is the chicken run, but they'd be pretty safe there anyway since the chickens are sick of eating slugs.

And while on an eating theme, can you believe people actually eat slugs. Apparently in a few cases humans have contracted a parasitic induced meningitis from eating raw slugs. In rural southern Italy the slug was used to treat gastritis, stomach ulcers or peptic ulcers by swallowing it whole and alive. Well, I ask you... what other way is there to eat one? Yuk!

There are actually about thirty species of slug in the UK. Only three cause a problem, but unfortunately they're the most common three. For a good guide to identifying slugs click Slug Off.

Given that you're normal and just want to get shot of the slippery scoundrels, click Greenside Up for a good guide on how to tackle the pests organically.

And if you think up that money making scheme, please get in touch!

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