Allotment update May-2012

Here's a pictorial roundup of the allotment at the end of May 2012.

First a few of the flowers on display at present. Here's one of the irises beside the pond, a beautiful tricolour.

Here's another type in flower, a yellow flag iris.

One of the many chives in flower lining one side of the front plot path.

The Russian comfrey is in full bloom and attracting loads of honey bees.

Stately foxgloves are some of the first plants in full bloom near the pond.

And Linda's wild flower bit between the two front fruit trees.

A bit of wildlife next... here's one of the damselflies by the pond.

Another damselfly having a rest.

Some of the fruit growing... first, Barry's vines with developing grapes.

After the disastrous late frost last year, looks like we're in the clear and should have a bumper crop of plums.

And for the first time the greengage bush is bearing fruit. Never had greengage? You don't know what you're missing!

No room to fit in snaps of the gooseberries, red currants, black currants, strawberries, raspberries, pears, apples and cherries all bearing fruit, but here's one of the hop plants I'm hoping will climb up the grandchildrens' tree house so they can hide away in there... and I'll hopefully have some hops for home brewed beer!

The onion and garlic patch continues to develop well.

Linda's cabbage and kale all under cover. Who's that in the background, hammer in hand, fixing my poor attempt at a gate to the back plot?

The herb bank developing in its second year.

The pond really is a great place to sit and take a rest by and watch the wildlife.

Loads of fruit soon from the large polytunnel, with the addition of white grapes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Several crumble pies have been made by Becky and Beth from produce off the rhubarb patch. In the next couple of days it's my turn... be making some fruity rhubarb jam.

No space is wasted... here's more strawberry plants in front of the shed.

More salad vegetables planted in front of the coldframe.

The flower bed in front of the shed is filling out.

Various beans and peas.

The potato bed.

Parsnips, various lettuces, leeks and sunflowers at the top of the bed. Sure I've been saying this for the last three months... must cook the last of last season's leeks!

Pumpkins, butternut squash and courgettes all covered, with a row of canterbury bells running along the path.

Spinach, beetroot and carrots all just starting to appear.

And finally, the tomato rows, with beetroot just planted in between.

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