Allotment reenactment of The Burning Man

Hill Rise Allotment Association this morning held their Spring reenactment of The Burning Man, the event held annually in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.

The representation was unsurprisingly limited in scope when compared to the surrealist original, reduced from a week to three hours, from Nevada to the allotment site, and from an attendance of over 50,000 to somewhere nearer 50. The weather also sought to remind participants that desert conditions didn't prevail... in it's third year, it's now tradition to pick the greyest, coldest and wettest Sunday in May to test attendees' mettle.

Nevertheless there was a real effort in other aspects of the event. With a strong gift economy in operation, visitors nevertheless insisted in donating to the tune of a net surplus of £45. And, having set up gazebo, tables, cooking stove and plant swap, the principle of 'leave no trace' was honoured and the site returned to its pristine condition at the end.

So here's a few snaps of the happy participants braving the elements...

Richard shows the way with an early cuppa to beat back the symptoms of hypothermia.

Everything set up and ready to go!

Gas stove at the ready for hot soup.

Here's Robin's carrot and coriander... also on offer was potato and leek, cream of garlic and squash with coconut cream.

Great selection of homemade cakes.

A small selection of plants for sale or swap.

Guess the plants competition... the winner got a magnificent seven out of nine correct!

The winner of the annual balloon race... my eldest grandson Connor.

A selection of attendees enjoying a chat and refreshments.

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