Allotment update Mar-2012

Here's a pictorial roundup of the allotment at the end of March 2012.

The onions and two rows of garlic have been weeded and those onions grown from seed have been thinned out and repositioned. So far ahead, it should be a bumper crop this year.

Apart from the giant strawberry plants from Mark & Colette, still nothing in the other back bed. Barry's vines all now have new support poles and wires in expectation of this being the best grape year yet.

The herb bed is starting to wake up.

More wild flower seeds have been planted in front of the rock wall. The netting is to protect from the flippin' chickens, who never miss the opportunity for a meal.

The pond water is nice and clear, with irises and lilies starting to grow again. Unfortunately the blanket weed is still alive and kicking and can't be moved at present because of the tadpoles... yes tadpoles! You can just see a few black dots. Unfortunately not from my first brood of froglets of last year since frogs take three years reach sexual maturity. This batch came from a ditch running along the top of the allotment site.

Looks like I've at last cracked the secret of growing lush and abundant rhubarb since the rhubarb patch really has taken off.

After last year's late frost disaster there's great hope for it being a bumper year for the fruit trees. All are budding heavily... here's the Victoria plum tree.

The hazel twigs from Jude are also budding well and should form a great hedge.

Peas and lettuce growing in the greenhouse.

Various tomato seedlings growing under cover.

Likewise sunflower and kale seeds, and a single pot of cucumber seedlings to test if it's OK to bring the rest from the study windowsill at home.

Inside the shed there's various flower cuttings growing as well as some beans. Notice the loads of lists put up by my apprentice and wife, Linda, to 'organise' me.

Front of shed and strawberries in pots.

Linda's cold frame salad vegetables coming on, with my collection of lettuce (yes, more lettuce) resting across.

The front flower bed also coming to life.

Peas and sweet peas, with a row of broad beans yet to put in an appearance.

May have overdone it on the spuds front since all of this area, a major part of one of the best beds we have, is all early and main crop potatoes.

The remaining leeks from last year border an area with parsnips, more leeks and.... yes, you've guessed it, even more lettuce!

The final main bed, awaiting tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and spinach. More fruit trees budding, these being (from the left) golden plum and greengage.


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