Bargain Hunt reject

After several weeks of hanging by the 'phone, guess I'm not going to get that call from BBC Bargain Hunt... the one that was my pathway to stardom. Having sent in an application last March, having received a call before Christmas and having gone through a telephone interview, I'm having to cope with the rejection of not being invited to the familiarisation session a couple of weekends ago.

Although counselling appears to be the modern way to cope with rejection, my Scots blood dictates a do it yourself approach to save brass. So I've sought advice on how to deal with rejection on t'internet. Fat lot of good it's done. Here's a summary of the best advice I could find... and my somewhat jaundiced response.

Don't take it personally

That's right. They must have made a mistake and thought I was someone else. Or maybe not.

Focus on your strengths

Clearly not spotting antiques.

Ask yourself questions

Why me? Or rather, why not me?

Accept reality

Unless a camera crew appears round the corner in the next 30 seconds, I've not really got much choice.

Keep it in perspective

I WAS REJECTED! How's that?

Accept responsibility, don't blame others

So it's supposed to make me feel a whole lot better saying it was my fault?

You're not alone

Sitting here, the penny having finally dropped... I am!

Don't want anyone to get the impression I'm bitter, but I may suddenly have gone off the programme. Now, how do I apply to get on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


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