Bus pass blues

I've been looking forward for ages to getting my bus pass. Visions of freedom as I travel far and wide free of charge, only interruptions being frequent and desperate dashes to the public loos at each major stop, have entertained me for months.

Already told the family that when my 60th birthday arrives at the end of this month I'm off for an initial foray to see how far I can get on my bus pass in a single day... did I hear my wife mutter 'Lands End with any luck!'

So this morning I thought I'd better start thinking about the application process. Don't want to miss out on a few days of bliss by sending in the paperwork late.

Wait a minute! What's this I read...

The Government has changed the age of eligibility
By 2020 everyone will need to be aged 65 to qualify
Residents who turn 60 on or after 6-Apr-2010 no longer eligible on their 60th birthday
Use this calculator to find out when you're eligible

So I did... and I'm not flippin' eligible until May 2013!!!!!!!Can't tell you how disappointed that makes me. Thieving bustards!

I've not given up hope and am examining the fine print to seek an exception with which I can wheedle my way into a pass. Maybe my mum actually produced me earlier and my birth date is wrong... wait a minute, that 1951 on my birth certificate could be read as 1915 in a certain light. Otherwise I feel a complaint email coming on!

In the meantime it's back to the normal mode of transport and a lot more time to dream about my first bus pass adventure. (Sob!)

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